How long will the allocation of a cleaner take?

We can usually allocate a regular cleaner within 10 days, if any delay was likely you would be advised at the outset.

Will I have the same cleaner every week?

Yes the cleaner introduced to you, subject to your acceptance, will be your regular weekly cleaner.

Will the cleaner be local/know me?

All of our cleaners work close to their homes but care is taken to ensure that the cleaner has no prior acquaintance with you or your place of work.

Who provides the cleaning materials?

You do. We find that most people have a preference for certain brands that leave a familiar homely atmosphere, also many people are becoming more aware of ecology issues and it gives them the opportunity to continue to use environmentally friendly products.

Will the cleaner have insurance?

We provide public liability insurance cover for each cleaner, with a maximum pay out of 2,000,000.

Must I provide a risk assessment for the cleaner?

No. the cleaners are self employed contractors and as such are responsible for their own health and safety issues, however, should your home contain anything unusual that you feel may be an additional risk hazard you must let your cleaner know.   


Must I accept the cleaner that you allocate?

No, we arrange an initial meeting between you and the cleaner, if either of you are not comfortable, we are more than happy to re-allocate. Moreover should you feel the need for a change of cleaner in the future, we will be happy to oblige.

What precautions do you undertake when recruiting cleaners?

Before registration our cleaners are visited in their own homes and must provide identification, proof of address and a full national insurance number. Although self employed contractors they must provide two references at the time of the interview, these are followed up by our housekeeping department. During their discussions with referees they emphasise the need for reliability, trustworthiness and high standards of work.

What sort of jobs will the cleaner undertake?

The cleaner will undertake anything that covers the broad description of cleaning and ironing. You can however give instructions at the initial interview, produce a jobs list, or indeed leave a weekly note. Most of our clients prefer to let their cleaner decide their own routine, this does tend to give the best results.

Are there jobs that the cleaner cannot do?

Yes. They cannot do laundry, clean ovens, work outside, work at height, or lift heavy items.

I would like to go ahead, what happens now?

You can make contact with us by telephone, or e-mail by completing our contact form. CONTACT

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